Raspberry Jam


2 Cups Raspberries

1/2 Cup Water

1 Unflavored Gelatin Packet

2 Tbsp Sweetener Substitute of Choice

2 Tbsp Chia Seeds


1. Add berries, sweetener, gelatin, and water to a saucepan. Use a fork to mash the berries. Cook until berries are soft and everything is mixed.

2. Remove from heat and add chia seeds. Transer to mason jar and freeze for an hour to an hour and a half.

3. Return to refrigerator and store. Pair with my bread recipe.

Nutritional Information: 15 Servings (1 tbsp per Serving)

Amount Per Serving: 18 Calories. 0g Fat. 1g Protein. 1g Net Carbs.

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